About submissions

Which documents are concerned ?

Archive ouverte UNIGE holds the ambition to harvest the main part of the scientific digital patrimony of the University which may be articles, theses, books or book chapters, reports or conference papers.

Genevan authors can deposit all their publications, even those prior to their employment at the University, they will simply not by identified as documents of the "University of Geneva" and will not be listed by academic structures. Advanced search allows selecting exclusively the documents produced by the University of Geneva.

How to submit a document ?

A) You wish to submit one or a few number of documents

Click on the link Submit a document and follow instructions:

  • Selection of type of document
  • Identification
  • Data entry of authors
  • Data entry of bibliographic references
  • Deposit of the file-s
  • Pre-visualization and validation of data entry

At each stage, you can click on the icon to get more information about the different fields of the page. Furthermore, you can contact us any time if you have a problem.

B) You wish to submit several documents where references exist (Endnote, Word, web pages…)

Contact us, we will examine the possibility of an automatic import of your data.

Consultation of documents

After having deposited a document in Archive ouverte, you will not see it immediately when searching for it, because each new deposit undergoes a process of validation.